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Build curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking with lessons designed to actively use technology. Communicate ideas, collaborate with others, and solve real world problems.

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Real Learning With Real Technology

Ednexio’s unique learning environment goes beyond repetitive drill and practice. Learners experience challenging project based lessons and use innovative technology to show what they know. Each lesson in our Shared Library is created to develop valuable skills for today’s world.

Take a look at a sampling of our popular lessons.

Grades: 4-8

Share With Care

How do you decide how much information to share online? What are the consequences and responsibilities of having a digital footprint? How can you respect the privacy of others online?

Grades: 3-8

What Inspires Ideas for Robots?

What is a robot? Why do engineers design and build robots?

Grades: 6-12

Rise of the Roman Republic

Who were the citizens of the Roman Republic and how could they participate? What factors led to the expansion of Rome throughout the Mediterranean?

Grades: 6-8

Spongebob Genetics: Predicting Offspring Traits

How do parents' genetic traits combine to create genetic variations in their offspring?

Grades: 3-6

What Is A Fossil? How Is A Fossil Created?

What are fossils and how are they made? Why do we study fossils?

Grades: 4-12

Women Who Have Changed the World

What have women achieved and contributed to society now and in the past? What obstacles did these women face?

Grades: 4-8

Greek and Latin Root Words

How does learning root words help decipher the meaning of unfamiliar words?

Grades: 6-12

Designing an African Mask

What is the significance of masks in African society? How can paper and symmetrical designs be used to replicate African masks?

Grades: 5-12

Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day?

How does Earth Day help us preserve our world?

Grades: 6-12

News: Fake or Real?

How can you learn to evaluate what is fake or real in the news? How has social media impacted the increase of fake news?

Grades: 6-12

Interview With A Greek God, Goddess or Hero

Who were the ancient Greek gods, goddesses, and heroes? What role did they play in ancient Greek life?

Grades: 6-12

Electoral College: Does Your Vote Really Count?

What is the Electoral College and why was it created? Is it necessary today? How does the electoral college impact the election process?


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